Column intergrated mass extincion coefficients for each species

(Numbers in parantheses are global AODs / global burdens)

Note that these specific extinction (MEC) and absorption coefficicents (MABS) are based on the AeroCom assumption that

internally mixed components contribute to the total numbers linearly with their respective volume fractions of the total,

so that e.g. MABS for BC is smaller than expected much due to the fact that other components in this way has "borrowed"

its MABS. The first alternative MABS for BC below (BC+SO4+SS absorption coefficient) takes into account the absorption "borrowed"

from sulfate and sea-salt, taking out (A550_BC+A550_SO4+A550_SS)/cb_BC, and is closer to the true MABS for BC, although the

BC contribution from internal mixtures with POM and DUST are still not taken fully into account. The second alternative

(BC+all absorption coefficient) assumes that all absorption comes from BC, which is an overestimate since POM and Dust also

contributes. The real MABS for BC lies somewhere between these two alternatives (the last two figures).

The additional plots for MEC and MAC for antrhopogenic BC use the same definition as the standard MEC and MABS,

except that the AOD or ABS and BC burdens are anthropogenic contributions olny (PD-PI).